Hey guys, these are the  winners of the monthly free cash giveaway for the month of december:


2. Karo Iphege

3. Ugo God says

Please send your full names and account details to asap .

When you receive your money,  kindly acknowledge under this post.

PLEASE NOTE : The monthly cash giveaway is still  on  from  January to december 2018  . TO  HAVE A CHANCE TO WIN , ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS VISIT and comment regularly  on the posts. Every month, 3 regular commenters will win 10K  each.


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  1. Wuraola says

    😰😰😰😰 I thought I will win. Congrats if you don’t need your money she kindly forward it to me😑😑

  2. Ola says

    thought I’ll win too… ms V do ojoro….no sweats sha…congrats to the winners….

  3. sandra akomas says

    Congrats to all the winners

  4. emceesammie says

    Thanks you so much, for making me make the list. I really appreciate u. God bless

  5. benny nk says

    Congrats everyone

  6. B whyte says

    Congrats to the winners…. I thought i would win….. Well done ma’am valerie……more grace!

  7. meyada says

    Congrats to the winners. Madam Valerie is simply encouraging new regular visitors. Madam Valerie, please let your post not be just on entertainment. It can be on business or job opportunities too. Thanks.

  8. ugoGod says

    Oh my….oh my…. See small me ooo….. Na me be this?….. Chai ma’am valerie….. Thank you ohhhh….. Ewo!….. Thank you….thank you….thank you….. I don win something for my life…. Ma’am only if you know how much this means to me…..may God continue to bless you abundantly….may all your dreams come true…….you are truly God sent to me…… I can now start my fruit business…

  9. oladunnfolasay says

    Congratulations to u all

  10. oladunnfolasay says

    @meyada I support ur opinion. Please madam Valerie, we also need more post on businesses and job opportunities. ,MORE GRACE

  11. Debby. says

    Congratulations Guy’s!! Bless You Madam Valerie

  12. Tohmie says


  13. IBK says

    Winners!!! Congratulations to d 3 of u…..

  14. faithdee22 says


  15. emceesammie says

    I have seen the alert of #10000, thank you so much Miss V. It is still quite surprising to me. I really do appreciate you so much. God bless you, may the purse which source out this funding never run dry and may you continually receive in grace to do more.
    Thank you so very much.

    1. benny nk says

      Wow!… Congrats again Emceesammie… Ma’am valerie is God’s sent to us ohhh…. God will continue to bless her….

  16. ugoGod says

    I have been jumping up and singing for joy… Since i got my alert…. My people ona no go understand… Ma’am valerie chai!…. You will know no sorrow, whateva you lay your hands to do will prosper…… Ive never met you before but you did what no human being have eva done for me….. I am encouraged… Youve given me more than i expected… God bless you ma, God bless you ma, God bless you ma, ….ma you made my business not to suffer…. THANK YOU!

    1. Kennyalawode says


  17. Toyin ade says

    Congrats to the winners…….